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Some borrowers can qualify for a 100% LTV Mortgage Loan. Here’s how it works. The 2015 housing market is building on last year’s positive momentum. Demand for homes continues to outpace supply. This is leading home values higher; and multiple-offer situations continue to be common nationwide. Thankfully, mortgage guidelines are loosening and some borrowers can qualify…

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Combine Your Tax Refund With Historically Low Mortgage Rates to Get a Great Mortgage. Thinking about using your tax refund toward a down payment? Good thinking! Mortgage remained down yesterday, offering borrowers another chance to lock in historic lows. Here are rates as of April 15, 2015. Mortgage Rates 30 yr. fixed rate 3.66 0.04 15 yr. fixed…

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Are you thinking of selling your home this Spring? Zillow and Trulia say Spring is the best time to sell. “It’s still predominately a seller’s market, but less so than the last year or two,” said Stan Humphries, Zillow’s chief economist. “Some advantages are moving back to buyers but largely and broadly …it’s still favoring…

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Happy St Patrick’s Day from Seaside Home Loans! In the midst of the green beers and bad attempts at Irish accents today, you might wonder for a moment, what’s this St Patrick’s Day tradition all about? A fun account appears in The Independent today, replete with the expected Irish clichés and green beer homages. Enjoy! Who was…

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Understanding why rates go up and down will help us help you lock in the best rate at the right time. Just about everyone understands that mortgage rates fluctuate but few people understand why or more importantly, how to use market fluctuations to their advantage. Walter Bianchi, founder of Seaside Home Loans and a licensed mortgage broker, says…


Selling a home?

How the perfect paint can help sell a home fast. A little bit of paint can make a big difference in selling a home as fast as possible, and at the best price. But any old paint won’t do. To make your touch-up painting project bring out the best in your home and the best price, follows these…


Do Higher Incomes Mean Better Home Sales?

Higher incomes could boost home sales. More on 2015 real estate trends. More households report their income is higher than it was a year ago and expect their financial situation to continue to improve, according to Fannie Mae’s January 2015 National Housing Survey. This could be good news for buyers and sellers, with buyers gaining financial muscle and sellers enjoying…


Best Mortgage Brokers – Our Clients Say it Best

Another happy customer explains why Coast2Coast Mortgages has the best mortgage brokers and the best service. To whom it may concern: My wife and I recently were in the market for a vacation beach property in the Jacksonville, FL area. We located a condominium in south Ponte Vedra Beach and our realtor suggested that we give Coast2Coast…