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Are you thinking of selling your home this Spring? Zillow and Trulia say Spring is the best time to sell. “It’s still predominately a seller’s market, but less so than the last year or two,” said Stan Humphries, Zillow’s chief economist. “Some advantages are moving back to buyers but largely and broadly …it’s still favoring…

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Understanding why rates go up and down will help us help you lock in the best rate at the right time. Just about everyone understands that mortgage rates fluctuate but few people understand why or more importantly, how to use market fluctuations to their advantage. Walter Bianchi, founder of Seaside Home Loans and a licensed mortgage broker, says…

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Another happy customer explains why Coast2Coast Mortgages has the best mortgage brokers and the best service. To whom it may concern: My wife and I recently were in the market for a vacation beach property in the Jacksonville, FL area. We located a condominium in south Ponte Vedra Beach and our realtor suggested that we give Coast2Coast…

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More good news for home buyers and owners. 2015 is off to a good start. Continuing the good news trend in the US housing market, our friends at Florida Realtors recently reported another up-tick in existing home sales. For now, this means still-low housing prices, record-low mortgage rates and a potential window of great buying opportunity…


Who Wants Some Good News?

Foreclosure rates drop to their lowest levels since 2008. That’s something to be happy about! Foreclosures reached their lowest point since 2008 this past November, according to CoreLogic’s November 2014 National Forecast Report. Foreclosure inventory, which includes homes in any state of foreclosure, fell from 880,000 in November 2013 to 567,000 in November 2014 – a…


Real Estate Predictions for 2015

Factors to consider when financing your next home. It’s not all smoke and mirrors, folks. Here we go again. It’s a new year and that means the “experts” are filling our in-boxes with their predictions for the year ahead, claiming to see the future for real estate investments. Buy now! Don’t miss out! Your future…